Day 47: London, ONT to Brantford, ONT — 61 miles

Today was a quick, short day.

The weather forecast showed that there was a chance of thunderstorms in southern Ontario this afternoon, so my goal was to get as far as I could before the severe weather hit. I mapped out three possible destinations: 30 miles to Woodstock, another 30 miles to Brantford, and another 20 miles to Hamilton. I would go to the first stop, look at the sky, look at the radar, and if they looked clear, continue on to the next one.

After breakfast with Jeff at the Hilton in London, I took off toward Woodstock. Once again, I had an advatageous tailwind, and once I got out of London and didn’t have to deal with stoplights and heavy traffic, I made excellent time.

Risking life and limb by standing in the middle of a busy street to get this picture, Jeff hopes to correct what he thinks is a serious lack of pictures of Lee on this blog.

A side road (or “line”, as the Canadians call them) that I was taking was closed and so I had to return to a heavily trafficked route, but I got to Woodstock fairly quickly. The terrain was not as flat as the day before, but then, how could it be? Still, even the rolling hills were not too bad.

The first obstacle of the day. Looking at a map on my GPS, I’m guessing a bridge was being replaced.

Normally, I would have stopped, either for lunch or for a snack, but I was racing the weather. The clouds in the sky were starting to gather, but there was plenty of blue sky left, and there were definite patches of sun here and there. I figured I had time for another town, but I couldn’t delay.

What an odd sight in the Ontario countryside. A Canadian TARDIS? I didn’t check to see if the inside was bigger than the outside. Note the gathering clouds.

So I immediately started for Brantford, and once again the tailwind helped me along. I had a couple of hiccups here as well, like one of the Google Maps directions pointing me, once again, to an unpaved road. Luckily, there was a paved alternate I could easily take, so I recovered immediately and got back to pedaling.

Once I got to Brantford, I figured I had enough strength to go the last 20 miles to Hamilton, but I didn’t have the  time. The clouds were looking more and more ominous, so I figured I should get somewhere under cover quickly. The only question was whether I should grab some lunch and wait out whatever rain and/or severe weather might be coming, or if I should make lodging plans for the night.

I chose the latter, thinking that 60 miles was plenty good for the day, and with weather, who knows what might happen? So I found a hotel and checked in. Within 30 minutes, rain was pouring down outside my bedroom window, with my bike and me shut safely inside.

Dodging raindrops, I finally ate lunch/dinner at “Grumpy Joe’s” next door to the hotel, where I ordered poutine (a Canadian specialty consisting of fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds) among other things. Overall, it was not a bad day.

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