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Post-Ride: Statistics

I have compiled all the stats from my trip, and crunched all the numbers. Here are some of the more interesting totals: Total distance: 3,757 miles My rough guess for my total, without adding anything up, was 3700 miles. Pretty … Continue reading

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Post-ride report: Two Weeks Later

Several people I run into ask how I am doing now that I have been done with my bike trip. How much am I riding? How is my body reacting to not riding 50+ miles every day? How am I … Continue reading

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Rest Day: Mitchell, SD

I had decided to make Mitchell my first rest day in more than a week. The weekend was very hot, with Sunday being the hotter of the two days, so I figured it would be in my best interest to … Continue reading

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Week 4: Stats and Observations

After four weeks, I am still having new experiences and learning new things about myself, as well as the area I am biking through. What a wonderful trip this has been so far! Day 19: Dubois to Lander Day 20: … Continue reading

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Week 3: Stats and Observations

After three weeks, this is officially the longest bicycle tour I have ever done. This week I passed into my third state (Wyoming), I completed the steepest climb of my trip (Teton Pass), and I crossed the continental divide at … Continue reading

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So, What Do You Want To Do?

Elsewhere on this blog, I mentioned that the inspiration for this cross-country bike trip was my friend Sheila, who thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail several years ago. Throughout her six month journey she kept a blog, and I eagerly followed her … Continue reading

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Week 2: Stats and observations

The second week has already been completed — where has the time gone? I made it into my second state (Idaho), my second time-zone (Mountain) and had my first day off. Day 8: Unity to Vale Day 9: Vale to … Continue reading

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